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No two mountains are the same. And from the Rockies to Appalachians, the all-mountain Troy brings badass performance to some wickedly diverse terrain. Powered by our Testing is Everything modus, its fifth generation Split-Pivot platform increases bottom-out force, while its team-inspired geometry tames steep, rugged, unpredictable terrain. Power up steeps with finesse thanks to an axed-down short chainstay. And harness the stability-enhancing benefits of Super Boost 157 rear-axle spacing for high-speed confidence on the descent.Point it toward the ranges and rip.

First ride: Devinci Troy Gx Eagle LTD 29 | BikeMag

Devinci’s all-mountain bike, the Troy, last received an update for the 2016 model year, where it was ‘modernized’ with a roomier cockpit and Boost 148–the obligatory additions for that year. That was only a few years ago, but in bike years that chassis is going on retirement-home age.

These days, ‘modernizing’ a bike includes stretching the cockpit even farther and slamming the seat tube forward. But that’s not the route Devinci took with this brand new, freshly sculpted, full carbon fun machine.

The Troy did grow slightly up front, with a 5 millimeter bump in reach from 460 to 465 millimeters on size Large frames, but–it feels crazy to say this–in 2018 that could be considered conservative. The seat tube stayed at 74.5/75 degrees (low/high), which somehow could also be viewed as less-than-progressive. So if the Troy didn’t get the industry requisite updates, what did Devinci do to it?

Well for starters, The 140-millimter-travel Troy is now available with the correct wheel size. That’s right, the Troy 29 is finally here, also with 140 millimeters of travel out back. But before we dive into that bike specifically, let’s quickly run through some features of this freshly whittled whip.

Trunnion shock mount – It’s popular because it’s awesome. The shock pivots on bearings for added sensitivity, and takes up less room than a standard mount, so you can run longer shocks, lower standover, or both.


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Rolling on 29inch wheels, powered by Split-Pivot credentials, and loaded with 165mm rear and upgraded 170mm travel in the fork, the versatile Spartan brings adept handling and bottomless stoke to the downward slope. Improved suspension dynamics increase lateral stiffness for a cutting-edge climber. And its shortened carbon chainstay brings leaner, meaner Enduro muscle to the trail or track. Additional features include a 38T compatible front ring, 2.5 tire clearance and metric shock. Spartan ’19. Climb on and kill it all.



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Devinci’s 2018 AC salutes those about to rock with the kind of slack, aggressive roll you’d expect from the spawn of Spartan—and with the extra oomph of an e-equipped engine. Tame turbulent descents thanks to a generous 170mm of rear travel meets 180mm of finesse in the fork. And then turn around and hit turbo on the uphill. The Shimano STEPS E8000 engine boosts you to speeds of up to 32 km/h (limited to 25 km/h in Europe). The drive unit is controlled via a left-hand power-mode switch that triggers three settings (ECO, TRAIL and BOOST) for varied terrain. Crank the volume and cue the bangers. The AC is an e-beast that shreds.